The Various Stars And Their Role In Hail Caeser

If you are a genuine movie-buff Hail Caesar! is a movie that you must watch. If you are interested in the history of Hollywood and love to watch the way the studios in the 1950s used to function, then you must watch this movie by the Coens. This is a slapstick comedy film that shows you the era when the studios dominated the movie world. The studio that is being talked about is Capitol Pictures and the film depicts one day in the life of the fixer of this studio- Eddie Mannix.
The studio is producing a big budget film by the name of Hail Caesar! and the hero of the film is Baid Whitlock. This character is being played by George Clooney. This is a movie that depicts the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

The female lead of this film is Scarlett Johansson who plays the role of Deeann Moran. She plays a swimmer turned actress and is also pregnant.

Burt Gurney played by Channing Tatum is playing a sailor who also tap-dances in this musical film. Channing Tatum has made a great impact on the film and audiences love him with his great comic timing.

The other important character of Eddie Mannix that is played by Josh Brolin is the main fixer of the Hollywood studio.

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