The Film That Is A Must Watch-Hail Caeser!

Hail Ceasar! is a great cocktail of very famous names in the industry. The actors have fit so well in the roles of the characters they play, that they have become almost unrecognizable. It seems as if they were born to play those roles. This star-studded movie is just not worth watching because of the stars but because the movie is made well and can keep the audiences laughing and rolling in their seats. This film is based on the ways the Hollywood studios worked in the 1950s.
In those times, the studios predominated the whole film industry and had to maintain a reputation. For this, they used to have a fixer. Here the role of the fixer named Eddie Mannix has been played by Josh Brolin. This film is a hilarious depiction of a day in the life of Eddie Mannix when he tries to save the reputation of the studio b hiding the pregnancy news of the female lead of the film and tries to free the star of the film from the communist kidnappers. The kidnappers, on the other hand, are trying to convince the star of the film about their ideology by taking him out.
All this leads to a hilarious state of events and makes the Coens’ film a great watch.

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