Hail Caeser! A Perfect Cocktail Of Numerous Stars

There are numerous critics for the film Hail Caesar!

The film “Hail Caesar!” is a comedy film that revolves around the studio of the 1950s. This film depicts the era that sprouted from the cold war between the USA and USSR at that time. The directors have tried to abstain from adding the historical flavor to the film, but it definitely depicts the era after the World War II and before 1960. This era was that of big studios that had significant influence on the directors and actors and had to maintain their reputation of being American and protectors of the America’s cultural heritage.

The film starts on a serious note but that lasts only a few seconds, and you get to know that it was a part of the big film that the studio was making. The heroine of the film is pregnant and still does not want to get married to the father of the child. This is a big headache for the studio that has to maintain its image of the follower of American culture. On the other hand, the hero of the film has been kidnapped by a group of communist writers who are not happy with the turn of events. They slowly try to win over the kidnapped actor by explaining him their theory of communism. The film sees the turn of events that are hilarious and you cannot but laugh at everything that is happening in a systematically haphazard manner.

The Coens have always made it a point to turn the worst situations into something comic and in this film too they are successful in doing that. The film can convey the message without deflecting from the story line. The film manages to bring the whole cast together to depict the funny turn of events involving the studio, the Marxists and the various other characters that add to the grace and charm to the film.

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