How Dog Actors Are Groomed for Filming

Dog actors are special. They were trained to take on an almost impossible job. It is also thanks in part to the trainers who have worked really hard to make them ready for the set. Just like human actors, dogs also have to go through a rigorous process in order to look great in front of the camera. Trainers don’t just let the film crew deal with the animal without helping it undergo the preparation process.

Making the dog look good

In order to make the dog actor look good, there are a lot of things that need to be done. This includes clipping of paws and nails, trimming of whiskers, haircuts and breath cleaners. They need to look presentable on camera. They also have to be neat as they will be handled by the other film crew. You don’t want them to reject handling your pet just because it doesn’t look good or smell good. Of course, they will be bathed and dried using the best dog dryer.

For more special pets, there is pampering session that is done prior to the start of the film. They go through therapy and massage. It is important that they are well-rested before filming. Take note that some films could go for hours before the director is satisfied. Dogs are not equipped to acting in the first place, let alone do it for hours.

No matter how much training the dog has undergone, it will still give up along the way. When it is time for your dog to rest, you have no choice but to let it rest. Dogs can be divas too just like actual celebrities. Of course, they deserve to have total rest especially if they have been working the entire day. To begin with, they were not even supposed to work.

They use makeup too

Not only do human actors get makeup, dog actors too. Usually, the makeup is in the form of prosthetics. Some dogs have to look cute and cuddly in front of the camera while others have to look sad and sick. Wounds have to be faked. Blood may also be necessary. As such, it is important for them to use makeup. Don’t worry as there is a department that handles dog makeup.

Vaccination is a must

Although you will be there on the film set, you won’t be dealing with the dog all the time. You have to pass on the responsibility to the crew. You just have to wait on the side waiting for your help to be called. Your dog might react violently to other people. It would take a while before they get comfortable. In the event that they get really violent, it helps if they have been given vaccines. By then, you will feel confident that no one will get seriously hurt while handling your dog.

Understand the terms and conditions

Before you finally agree in letting your dog star in a film, it is important for you to understand the terms and conditions. You have to see to it that the working hours are flexible enough. You should also request for breaks in between especially if your pet is required to work for longer hours. You must also have an idea about the actual location of the film so you can say no if the said location won’t be comfortable enough for your dog.

Payment is also important. You must agree with the pay before signing the contract. Just remember that you are doing this not for the money that comes with allowing your pets to act, but for your pet. They work hard. They must be the one to enjoy the privileges.

It is not easy having your pet dog star in a film. You and your pet could be stressed out. You really have to prepare for this endeavour. You should also intensify your training sessions. Most of all, you must fill them with love even more. Your pet dog has never asked to star in a film. Perhaps, it was your dream and you are making this dream come true through your pet. The least that you can do is to just shower your pet with so much love and affection.

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