Hail Caesar! A Period Satire And Its Making

The film Hail Caesar! is a visual treat offered by the Coen brothers. It stars the highly popular actor Channing Tatum. Hail Caesar’s trailer had famously shown him in the dress of a sailor where Tatum and his co-sailors do not want to go sailing. Apparently, they are more interested in leading a normal life with a dame. The scenes of this movie are based on Hollywood’s film industry and what we know of the studios of 1950s. This film that depicts the various incidences, that happens in a Hollywood studio of great reputation.

The film portrays Tatum as a star in the studio and the story revolves around the various people including Tatum trying to make it big in the industry. Hails Caesar! excels in portraying the 1950s as a very conservative period where the men and women had to behave according to set norms. Tap dancing wasn’t something that’s easy. But the audiences of this day loved the way Channing easily, playfully and so naturally tap danced on the song that lamented about no women being on the ship when it was sailing.

Tatum is not a name that is always a part of such castings but the Coens did a great job by casting him in the film. Channing is sure that not many actors in the industry can dance. He too tap danced for the first time for the film. The directors were also not sure of the type of dance that should get included in the film. The scene was to be a battleship but then it changed to revolve around dancing and singing.

Tatum, during his many interviews, has said that he is thankful that he was able to work with a variety of directors in his career including the Coens, who like to work by giving the actors the freedom of interpretation of their characters. They do not try to lead the actors in a specific manner. Tatum has become a high rated actor now with a list of fantastic films to his name.

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