How Was The Costume Of Hail Caesar! Designed?

Hail Caesar is a film that has many flavors to it. On one hand, this film has a story running on the times of Christ while, on the other hand, the struggle of the studio to keep running has also been shown. As, it was a period film, costume design was of paramount importance. The costume designer of this film, Mary Zophers has done a commendable job in designing the dress of the cast.

For this Mary watched a lot of movies that were based on the era of Christ and took inspiration from them. The film is about the film stars, the studios, the gangs, the goons, the kidnappers and so much more. Covering the varied shades of the movie through the costumes of the various characters was a challenging task owing to the variety of roles that the movies.

Similarly, the costume of the synchronized swimming star, played by Scarlet Johansson had to remain in water for almost the entire day and therefore required to be designed in such a way that it looked good even in water without posing any physical restrictions. Since the time was very restrictive, special effects were made use of.

According to Scarlet, it was tough to bring so many varied characters together because the era that needed to be covered was so uniquely different. Two totally different worlds needed to be brought together. The vintage suits and muted colors did the magic for the period when the film was to be created. The problem was that Mary and her team had to think regarding 1950’s designers. In those days, the designers had a huge workforce with them while Mary had to really work hard to bring to the fore the style of those days. You had to show how the common man dressed on an everyday basis. They also tried to surprise the audiences with the entwining of the characters.

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