Hail Caesar! A Star-Studded Event

There is no doubt about it! The Coen brothers have managed to get a great number of stars to work in this period film named Hail Caesar! The lead role is played by Josh Brolin who has the role of a fixer for the Hollywood studio. This movie is actually a bouquet of many small films in one and revolves around the Hollywood studio’s struggle to keep its reputation high.

George Clooney plays the lead role in the big film produced by the studio by the name of Hail Caesar! This is a period film that is based on Jesus Christ and his crucifixion. There are many other people in the movie that have their own stories running alongside.

The heroine of the film is pregnant, and that is a big problem for the studio because she does not want to marry the man who is the father of the child. This is definitely against the American culture of that time, and the studio does not want this news to spread.

Channing Tatum is a communist that is behaving like an American star. He is the one who is trying to play the part in a hilarious manner. The film also has a narrator but the name of the narrator is not disclosed for unknown reasons.

The film is a great entertainer and like most of the Coen brothers’ films this film also makes you laugh and have fun throughout. The treatment of the film is incredible and all the characters have been played well by the actors. The directors too have paid great attention to each and every detail in the film including the costume and the most famous tap-dancing by Channing Tatum.

If you like to watch fun films with good direction and action, then this is the film worth watching.

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